About the Dance

The Junior Assembly is a unique tradition that was founded in 1946 in Reno, Nevada and is still to this day the only dance of its kind.  The group of mothers who formed this non-profit organization back in 1946 had high school age children who all attended boarding schools outside of Nevada.  They found that when their children returned for holiday and summer breaks, there was a disconnect with their friends they had left behind when they went off to school.  It was at that time that the Junior Assembly was formed.  They worked hard to put together a dance that would focus on etiquette, manners, and college scholarships for the kids in attendance.  The idea was to bring together kids from all different high schools to have the chance to all spend one special night celebrating and making lasting memories. 

Over the years, the Junior Assembly has evolved in many ways. JA is a non profit organization that is sustained by donations and members.  JA now has over 1200 members, public, private, and charter schools throughout Reno, Sparks, and Lake Tahoe.  Every year the JA gives out over $11,000 in scholarships to college and trade schools for 2 seniors from each school. 

Being a part of Junior Assembly provides students the chance to be a part of a small group of kids from each high school that get to attend a formal dance, meet others from our area, and have a special one-of-a-kind experience to present on their college resumes.  JA also provides students with an element of community service by participating in our yearly activity which benefits different organizations throughout the Reno/Sparks/Tahoe area.

Rules and Policies


  • This process is done their sophomore year.  The number of students chosen from each school varies from school to school depending on school size. 
  • Sophomore Students who would like to be a part of JA nominate themselves.  This process is done at the beginning of the school year and is done through submitting a short form through a QR code.  Codes will be advertised on our Instagram account as well as circulated amongst the students.
  • Once the nomination period has ended, the students who are offered bids will be selected through a computer algorithm random selection at a meeting attended by ALL school representatives.
  • Students accept their bid by writing a handwritten letter addressed, in an envelope, sent to or given directly to their class sponsor.  Students will also be responsible for paying the one-time $150 membership fee at this time.  
  • If the student attends 2 of the 3 dances throughout their high school years, they will automatically be entered into the drawing their senior year to win one of the $500 scholarships.  1 senior boy and 1 senior girl from each school will be awarded a $500 scholarship (which is also randomly selected and announced that night of the dance).
  • JA is a private event and does uphold a dress code that makes the night even more unique and formal for the students. The dress codes will be posted on our Instagram account and available for review.

Dress Code


  • See-through clothing of any type is prohibited
  • The neckline of a dress, top, or gown must be cut in a modest way without showing excessive cleavage
  • Spaghetti straps or strapless dresses are allowed, as long as they are not low cut
  • The cut of a dress in the back and sides must not be cut below the navel
  • ROTC dress uniform is acceptable
  • No Denim


  • A dress, skirt, or gown must be floor length 


  • No navel is allowed to show
  • The bodice of the dress must not have any fabric cutouts in the cleavage area; if elsewhere, it must be covered by netting and less than an inch opening
  • Dresses should not be excessively tight
  • Dress shoes, heels, and clean athletic shoes are permitted


  • Young men are expected to wear formal evening attire that would include a tuxedo, suit with a tie, or sport coat and slacks with a tie
  • ROTC dress uniform
  • No Denim
  • Clean athletic shoes, cowboy boots, and dress shoes are permitted